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Powered by News Exposure. A centralized hub for byline news article opportunities between expert sources and media outlets.

Why CCC?
Powered by News Exposure

According to Hubspot, 86% of surveyed editors are planning to increase the amount of contributed content on their sites

For experts from business, technology, universities, think tanks, medicine, & more!

  • Public Awareness

    Become a published news author - sharing your expertise and gaining public attention.

  • Leadership

    Gain standing in your field by sharing expert insights.

  • SEO authority

    Media links are excellent for increasing your website's SEO authority. 


What top expert sources say about us

"CCC's network and platform opens up opportunities for our organization to directly engage with media. The entrepreneurs and staff we work with can now illustrate their thought leadership and know-how as published articles with established audiences, aside from blogs, newsletters and the like otherwise."

"The media industry has gone through a major shift in the recent past to disseminate and highlight contributed content, but failed at quality control and figuring out a simple way to ensure that content is crafted and contributed by true experts. CCC has the potential and capacity to serve as an intelligent and needed intermediary for media entities and experts who wish to add exposure."

"Contributed Content Connection is creating the online marketplace for what media outlets, experts, and PR agencies are already doing through backchannels. It’s a convenient, official hub that centralizes this all. Rather than an agency having a single contact relationship, CCC is opening access to an unknown number of authors and experts in their fields, who wouldn’t otherwise have access to media."

How It Works
How-To Use CCC

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  • Search

    Read verified requests by Media Outlets looking for reliable expert sources like you.

  • Pitch

    Read the selected request, provide credentials, outline the pitch, and submit!

  • Review

    If your pitch is a good fit and your article submission is approved, your contribution will get published!

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