The connection platform for contributed content, linking media outlets and expert sources

Until now, expert sources and media outlets alike had no comprehensive exchange of contributed content opportunities. Neither could find the other aside from one-off interactions. Contributed Content Connection, powered by News Exposure, is a collective hub of these opportunities – where expert sources and media outlets can submit and review mutual fits among each other.

Pen to Paper to Published

Media opportunities for experts from any field

and Expert sources for virtually every contributed content need

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    From aerospace to food trends, if you are an expert in your field and an excellent writer you can contribute content to media outlets and get published!

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    Media outlets choose the topics you want to cover or get more in-depth coverage of while freeing staff for breaking news.

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    Media outlets no longer search for experts on the topics you want published--No longer pitch to media outlets uninterested in your expertise.

Our Story

News interviewers – like journalists, reporters, staff writers – are spread thinner than ever at publications and need to wear multiple hats. Why? Newsrooms are no exception to staffing shortages and resignations; but simultaneously, stories still need to be written and published with deadlines: Content needs to be produced and it can't slow down.

Traditionally, journalists interview experts and quote them in articles. Contributed content is a longstanding method to bridge a gap between expert sources and media outlets, where experts write insight-driven articles firsthand.

Contributed Content Connection (CCC) was invented out of necessity by PR and media relations professionals who were hearing, “Have your expert write the story. I don’t have the time." When researching reporters to pitch, they found overwhelmingly more writers were expert source contributors, not on-staff reporters. They searched for a compiled listing and hub of contributed content, and when they didn’t find it, they made it.

Contributed Content Connection is powered by News Exposure, a comprehensive media monitoring company. CCC is News Exposure’s latest foray in innovative media services, as it has helped clients and media interact with one another for decades.

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